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European Shoah Legacy Institute´s unique advisory body has launched its operation

Press Release 15.09.2011

European Shoah Legacy Institute´s unique advisory body has launched its operation

The Advisory Council of the European Shoah Legacy Institute [ESLI], a unique body comprised at the present time of 61 renowned experts divided into five working groups according to areas of expertise (Social Welfare of Holocaust Survivors and other Victims of Nazi Persecution; Immovable Property; Nazi Confiscated and Looted Cultural Property; Judaica and Jewish Cultural Property, Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research) began its operation with the first coordination meeting of the Working Group Chairs, which took place Sept. 13-14th in Prague.
The Chairs of the five groups discussed with the director and board members of ESLI their ideas and plans how ESLI, together with its international governmental and non-governmental partners, should proceed in order to accomplish the tasks set for ESLI by the Terezin Declaration and subsequent binding documents, especially the Guidelines and Best Practices for the Restitution and Compensation of Immovable (Real) Property Confiscated or Otherwise Wrongfully Seized by the Nazis and their Collaborators during the Holocaust (Shoah) Era between 1933-1945, Including the Period of WWII. These ideas will be further developed by the respective working groups and subsequently incorporated into ESLI´s future planning.
Likewise, the working groups will invest their expertise and experience into elaborating and contributing to already agreed-upon activities of ESLI, in particular the creation of guidelines and best practices for social welfare of Holocaust survivors and other victims of Nazi persecution, the planning and organization of the 2012 review conference on the restitution of immovable property misappropriated during the Holocaust era to be held in Prague in November 2012 and the preparation of a Provenance Research Training Program in the field of looted cultural property.

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