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Kunsthalle Bremen returns drawing from the collection of Arthur Feldmann, and subsequently repurchases it


The Kunsthalle Bremen has repurchased the drawing "Felsige Waldlandschaft mit weitem Ausblick" (Rocky forest landscape with distant view), a restitution it had made in spring 2016. The drawing by Isaak Major had originally belonged to the collection of Arthur Feldmann. In 1939, the Nazis occupied his house in Brünn and confiscated his artworks. Questions still remain as to what became of the works from the Feldmann collection after 1939. The Bremen sheet was acquired by the Kunsthalle in 1997, whereby the acquisition documents provided no details regarding its provenance from the Feldmann collection. Authur Feldmann’s grandson, Uri Arthur Peled-Feldmann, was able to definitively substantiate its provenance which moved the museum to restitute the illustration at the beginning of the year. Because works by Isaak Major are rare, the Kunsthalle decided to repurchase the piece and add it to its Kupferstichkabinett (Collection of Prints and Drawings).

The Kunsthalle Bremen has been actively studying its collections in search for Nazi confiscated property; the German Lost Art Foundation is funding a project there until April 2017 to clarify whether its collections of cultural assets include any works illegally seized from their rightful owners through Nazi persecution.

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