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Account books of Hildebrand Gurlitt

S.1_Export (show image)

S.2-3 1938-39_geschwärzt (show image)

S.24-25_Händler-Verkäufe (show image)

S.26-27 1938_geschwärzt (show image)

S.28-29 1939_geschwärzt (show image)

S.30-31 1939_geschwärzt (show image)

S.32-33 1940_geschwärzt (show image)

S.34-35 1940_geschwärzt (show image)

S.36-37 1941_geschwärzt (show image)

S.38-39 1941_geschwärzt (show image)

S.40-41 1942_geschwärzt (show image)

S.42-43 1942_geschwärzt (show image)

S.44-45 leer_geschwärzt (show image)

S.46-47 1943_geschwärzt (show image)

S.48-49 1943_geschwärzt (show image)

S.50-51 1942-43_geschwärzt (show image)

S.58-59 Im Auftrag für fremde Rechnung gekaufte Kunstwerke_geschwärzt (show image)

S.60-61 1941_geschwärzt (show image)

S.62-63 1942_geschwärzt (show image)

S.64-65 1943_geschwärzt (show image)

S.66-67 1943_geschwärzt (show image)

S.68-69 1943 geschwärzt (show image)

S.70-71 1944geschwärzt (show image)

S.72-73 1944 geschwärzt (show image)

S.74-75 1944 geschwärzt (show image)

Additional Information

Account books of Hildebrand Gurlitt

The account books of Hildebrand Gurlitt published below are the account books for the period 1937 - 1945, in which mainly the business transactions between 1940 and 1944 are documented such as purchases and sales, imports and exports. The books are published as historical documents in the context of the study of Nazi art theft as well as the "Munich art trove". No warranty can be given for the accuracy of the content of these books. Oriented to the publication of auction catalogs of Adolf Weinmüller / Datenbank Kunst- und Kulturgutauktionen 1933-1945, the names of the buyers cannot be published on the internet due to legal data protection considerations. Information concerning the buyer’s names in the books will be given by the Taskforce Munich art trove in case of proven legitimate interest.

The pictures of the pages of the books are preliminary and not yet complete reproductions based on the files supplied by the Staatsanwaltschaft Augsburg. After taking over the books, the Federal Government will create high-quality digital copies which will be made available online then.


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