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Lost Art

Mutter und Kind / Mother and Child

Found-object report - details
Lost Art-ID477897

Fraaß, Erich

TitleMutter und Kind / Mother and Child
Type of objectWatercolour
group of reported objectsGraphic
Generic terms
  • Female person / figure
  • Child / adolescent / person / figure
Measures (ca.)  Height: 49.60 cm  Width: 42.80 cm 
Material / TechniqueWatercolour : paper mounted on cardboard / painted in watercolour
Descriptionon recto, lower right, signed and dated in black: “E. Fraaß 22” and below inscribed in pencil: “747”;
on cardboard mount, at lower right, inscribed in pencil: “Fraaß”
on verso, upper left and right, within the corners, residues of glue;
on cardboard, inscribed in pencil, upper left: “Fot”, upper right: “1977/39”
AssetSchwabinger Kunstfund
By latest 1945: Hildebrand Gurlitt, Aschbach
1945–1950: Central Collecting Point Wiesbaden, no. WIE 1977/39
From 15 December 1950: Hildebrand Gurlitt, Dusseldorf
By descent to Cornelius Gurlitt, Munich/Salzburg
From 6 May 2014: Estate of Cornelius Gurlitt
published since
11. November 2013


Projekt „Publikation und Ergebnisdokumentation zum Kunstfund Gurlitt“
vorm. Projekt "Provenienzrecherche Gurlitt" (01.01. 2016 bis 31.12.2017)

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