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Lost Art

Female nude, animal and head (Eve)

Found-object report - details
Lost Art-ID478487

Gauguin, Paul

TitleFemale nude, animal and head (Eve)
Type of objectPrint
group of reported objectsGraphic
Generic terms
  • Female person / figure
Measures (ca.)  Height: 29.50 cm  Width: 22.50 cm 
Material / TechniqueJapan paper mounted on cardboard / Woodcut
Descriptionin the plate, upper left (see note below), the artist’s monogram: “PG”
on recto, lower right, inscribed in ink: “No. 9”
label on cardboard mount: “Gauguin 255”, “M.G. 57”, “10087”, “Turoin (?)”
This sheet was erroneously mounted back to front, and therefore the image appears in reverse.
This impression is one of an edition of about thirty, most of which are numbered in the lower right corner.
Cat. rais.: Agustoni (1972) No. 40,Guérin (1980) No. 57, Kornfeld (1988) No. 42II
AssetSchwabinger Kunstfund
By latest 2012: Cornelius Gurlitt, Munich/Salzburg
From 6 May 2014: Estate of Cornelius Gurlitt
published since
19. December 2013


Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien
Referat K 47

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