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Lost Art

Vanitas still life with self-portrait

Found-object report - details
Lost Art-ID569350

Claesz., Pieter (1597)

TitleVanitas still life with self-portrait
Dating1628 (um)
Type of objectPainting
Measures Height: 35.90 cm  Width: 59.00 cm 
Material / TechniqueOil : Oak / painted
Inventory numberGm 1409
DescriptionOn a wooden table in front of a dark background, there are numerous objects arranged on the tabletop, which protrudes obliquely into the picture, so that the depth of its depth mainly determines the picture space. This is expanded by the reflection in the glass sphere: the space of the painter is shown, this sits in front of his easel. In the middle of the picture, placed on a pile of books, a fiddle with a frog's arch, which can be recognized as Flemish because of the double edge inserts. To the right of it a skull and an overthrown Roman with a shank-covered shaft. Next to it a cracked walnut. Behind the musical instrument an oil lamp. At the front left is a clock with percussion; A toy consisting of an ink bottle, a pen and a leather case is grouped together. The key belonging to the watch and the writing utensils are arranged in such a way that they hang over the edge of the table.Signature: "De. Heem. pinxit".
Provenance1941 Walter Bornheim, Gallery for Ancient Art, Munich (formerly A. S. Drey) at GNM
published since
26. September 2017


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