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Lost Art

Pewter jug

Found-object report - details
Lost Art-ID577716
Artist Unknown
TitlePewter jug
Type of objectVessel
group of reported objectsCrafts and other folk arts
Measures Height: 39.50 cm 
Material / TechniquePewter
Inventory number1997/A/29
DescriptionConical body with a high arched hinged lid, engraved dedication inscription: "For the wedding celebration / 19 November 1905 / dedicated by / Paul Weinberg", oak leaf and laurel relief in the Art Nouveau style.
Provenancewithout date - 19.11.1905 Paul Weinberg, donor (dedication inscription); 19.11.1905 unknown wedding couple, received as a wedding present; no date - probably August 1936 Siegfried Insel (1859-1943) and Henny Insel, b. Rosenberg (1873-1943), Oldenburg, according to oral tradition; probably August 1936 - January 1997 private property Oldenburg, received as donation from Siegfried and Henny Insel according to oral tradition; January 1997 Stadtmuseum Oldenburg, acquired by donation
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14. June 2018


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