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Lost Art

Guild sign of raftsmen

Found-object report - details
Lost Art-ID577982
Artist Unknown (Süddeutsch)
Artist Unknown (Bayerisch ?)
TitleGuild sign of raftsmen
Dating1701/1799 (?)
Type of objectCrafts and other folk arts
Measures Height: 39.00 cm  Width: 31.50 cm  Depth: 64,20 cm 
Material / TechniqueWood & Iron & Leather & Glass & Yarn & Felt & Fabric / sawed, turned, carved, nailed, forged, cut, colored, framed
Inventory numberZ 2148
Description13 brown, arranged side by side wooden sticks are held by four cross-woods and form the actual raft. On it stands a hut with gable roof. The painting suggests a stone building with plastered walls and adjoining roof battens as the upper conclusion. The building has four windows, one of which is glazed. In front of the door is a bearded man in the form of a clothed mannequin made of wood. On his legs is a dog (poodle?). The man wears a felt hat, shirt, scarf, jacket and leather knee breeches. The knee socks and shoes are painted. next to the man lies a small wooden barrel and a wooden tube on which white yarn is wrapped. Substantial color chips on the raft, massive pollution.
Provenance1936 Siegfried Lämmle, Munich, to GNM
published since
9. July 2018


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