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Lost Art

Tischförmiges Postament

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Lost Art-ID306985
Artist Unknown (Chinesisch)
TitleTischförmiges Postament
Type of objectFurniture
group of reported objectsCrafts and other folk arts
Measures Height: 94.00 cm  Width: 57.00 cm  Depth: 57,00 cm 
Material / TechniquePalisander
Inventory number503
Circumstances of loss

Wunstorfer Str. 16, Hannover-Limmer 1942

Max Rüdenberg had a fine collection of East Asian art. It was taken from the Rüdenberg home at Wunstorfer Str. 16 in Hannover-Limmer. (The house was called "Schwanenburg" and it had a mosaic of a swan on the floor of the entrance hall.) The confiscation is dated July 1, 1942. On 23 July 1942 Max Rüdenberg and his wife Margarete were sent from Hannover to Theresienstadt on the third transport. Both of them died in Theresienstadt. Max had been born on 9 April 1863 and was thus 79 years old when he was transported.

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