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Firmly grounded in the Washington Principles of 1998 and the Declaration of the Federal Government, the German Laender and municipal head organisations, on the tracing and return of Nazi-confiscated art, especially Jewish property, dated 1999, also referred to as the Joint Declaration, German cultural institutions are encouraged to identify Nazi-confiscated cultural property in their collections. The individual institutions are requested to inform the Koordinierungsstelle of their research results, which then publishes them on the Lost Art Internet Database.

The Guidelines concerning the implementation of the “Joint Declaration by the Federal Government, the Länder (Federal States) and the National Associations of Local Authorities on the return of Nazi-confiscated art, especially Jewish property” (PDF, 816 KB) of December 1999 (Handreichung) are intended to assist institutions in identifying Nazi-confiscated cultural property in their collections and to provide guidance on dealing with claims. It provides instructions on how to identify objects that may have been looted or confiscated and lists institutions and individuals involved in art-looting and forced sales at the time of the Nazi-regime as well as giving extended information on various relevant archival sources.

The above-mentioned information provided by the Guidelines is regularly updated and made available in connection with other relevant sources through the lists mentioned below or within the frame of a database.

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