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Lost Art

Kunstfund Gurlitt (Berlin)

Group of reported objects - details
Lost Art-ID539378
Number of objects393 
Type of objectGraphic
HoldingSchwabinger Kunstfund
393 Reported objects

Due astrologhi ed un raggazo / Two Astrologers and a Boy


Dünenlandschaft in Noordwijk / Dune landscape in Noordwijk


Ein sitzendes Paar am Ufer; Illustrationsentwurf zu Fontane’s Roman Effi Briest / A couple sitting on a water bank; compositional study for an illustrated edition of Fontane’s novel Effi Briest


Eine Gruppe Frauen, gehend / A group of women walking


Einsamer Wanderer in den Dünen / Lonely figure walking in the dunes

  • Einsamer Wanderer in den Dünen / Lonely figure walking in the dunes
  • Type of object: Drawing
  • Artist: Liebermann, Max
  • Material / Technique: charcoal : chamois coloured paper / drawn, partial wiped
  • Measures: Blattmaß: 11,4 x 15,5 cm (oben) - 15,8 cm (unten)
  • Height: 11.40 cm  Width: 15.70 cm 
  • Kind of report: Found-Object Reports
  • Lost Art-ID: 477964

Emotions Parisiennes [Nº 18]: Un fiacre à l'heure / A carriage paid by the hour


Emotions Parisiennes [Nº 20]:Ah bah!..... Le locataire du premier, qui prend la taille à mon épouse!.... / Eh!... The tenant of the first floor is putting his arm around my wife's waist!


En Quarante

  • En Quarante
  • Type of object: Print
  • Artist: Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de
  • Material / Technique: Vellum / Chalk lithograph
  • Height: 38.30 cm  Width: 28.00 cm 
  • Kind of report: Found-Object Reports
  • Lost Art-ID: 478011

Etoiles Filantes / Shooting Stars (8th title from Mélodies de Désiré Dihau)


Étude d’homme debout de profil vers la gauche / Study of a standing man, profile to the left

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