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Kiddush Cup

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Lost Art-ID590885
Artist Unknown (östliche Treibarbeit | eastern repoussé work)
TitleKiddush Cup
Type of objectVessel
group of reported objectsCrafts and other folk arts
Measures Height: 9.30 cm 
Weight 110.00 g 
Material / Techniquesilver / repoussé work, gilded
Inventory number511
DescriptionCup older representation of the story of Jacob, dream, ladder to heaven and fight with the angel. With later signum on the outer base: PSILM 1757.
CollectionJudaika-Sammlung von Max Raphael Hahn (1880-1942)
ProvenanceProbably until 1939 Collection Max Raphael Hahn, Göttingen/Hamburg; [...]; Transferred in 1960 by the Finanzbehörde Hamburg to the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg; Restituted to the heirs of Max Raphael Hahn on November 7, 2018.
Literature / SourceNLA HA, Nds. 720 Göttingen, Acc. 2009/129, Nr. 1281, Bl. 1-15, Judaica-Sammlung Max R. Hahn, Göttingen.
Restitution yes
published since
11. August 2020


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