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Reporting objects

The German Lost Art Foundation accepts search reports and found reports from private individuals and institutions for cultural assets that were removed, relocated or confiscated, particularly from Jewish owners, as a result of the National Socialist regime or the Second World War, or for which a history of loss cannot be ruled out due to gaps in provenance.
These reports are published in the Lost Art Database on behalf of, and only with the consent of, the persons and institutions submitting the reports. The content of the reports is the responsibility of these legal and natural persons (see Legal Information).
In cases where identification characteristics match, we make every effort to arrange contact between the persons or institutions who have registered a lost item and those who have registered a found report for the item.
If a search in public institutions for cultural assets confiscated as a result of Nazi persecution does not produce any results, we would also like to request the forwarding of a report to confirm nothing was found. We do not plan to publish these reports at the present time.

Search reports


Private individuals can create and have published search reports for cultural assets whose loss occurred as a result of persecution under the National Socialist regime, or which were lost due to the events and direct consequences of the Second World War (such as seizure, looting, relocation or displacement).

Declaration of consent (for lost objects/collection) (PDF, 63 KB)

Public institutions

Public institutions (e.g. archives, libraries, museums) may enter search reports in the Lost Art Database for cultural assets removed or relocated as a result of war.

Found reports


Persons in possession of cultural assets which originated prior to 1946 can register these with the German Lost Art Foundation if their origin is unclear, if they can be classified as having been seized as a result of persecution, or if there are gaps in the provenance of the work for the period 1933–1945. By publishing these found reports in the Lost Art Database, a search can be carried out for persons or institutions who may possibly be able to claim entitlement to the work.

Declaration of consent (for found objects) (PDF, 75 KB)

Public institutions

In implementing the “Joint Declaration” of the German Federal Government, German states and leading municipal associations of December 1999, public institutions (archives, libraries, museums) in the Federal Republic of Germany are called upon to investigate and disclose whether they possess cultural assets for which confiscation as a result of Nazi persecution between 1933 and 1945 cannot be ruled out.

Where the result of this search finds no reference to the possession of cultural assets confiscated as a result of Nazi persecution, we would also like to request the forwarding of a report to confirm nothing was found.

Please contact the German Lost Art Foundation for reports and data corrections.

All reports can be sent by post, fax, or e-mail to the German Lost Art Foundation.


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