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Downloading files

PDF Reader is required to open the provided PDF documents. You can download this program free of charge from the following page:

Not all provided documents are fully accessible. Many are old files for which the original document is no longer available. These files will not be retrospectively revised.

As far as possible and practicable we aim to offer PDF files that are fully accessible or make their contents available in HTML format in the future.

Whether a document is already fully accessible is indicated by the icons preceding the filename:

Icon for non-accessible document

The icon for files that have not yet been adapted is a document with two arrows pointing right,

Icon for fully/largely accessible document

the icon for files that are fully/largely accessible is a document with an arrow pointing right and an additional plus sign.

Should you require content from older documents in a format that is accessible to you, please let us know via the contact form. We will attempt to provide you with the requested content by other means insofar as this is possible.

Navigation options

The pages have a standard structure; navigation and content are divided into separate areas.

At the very top of the page are hidden anchor links that will take you directly to the content, the main menu or the search form.

There is moreover a table of contents containing an overview of the available topics and subtopics.

Font size

You can change the font size of our website in your browser. In Internet Explorer, go to ‘View’, menu item ‘Font size’. In Firefox you can change the font size using the ‘View’ menu, menu item ‘Zoom’, ‘Zoom in’ or ‘Zoom out’.


Our site offers two search functionalities:
basic search and advanced search.
The basic search can be found on the left-hand side below the navigation area. Simply enter one or more search terms in the “Search” field. Search results will be displayed in a new window.

The advanced search offers additional search and sorting options:

Sort search results by relevance or date

Filter search results
by a certain period of time
by a certain document type, e.g. you can search for people, job postings or simple standard articles here
by a preset topic.

You can narrow your search by entering multiple search terms in the search field and putting a (+) between the search terms (AND operator).
The wildcards (*) for any number of characters and (?) for a single character are both permitted.
A tilde (~) at the end of an individual word enables a fuzzy search.

Print function

The contents of our website are optimized for printing.
If JavaScript is activated in your browser you will see a button “Print page” at the bottom of the page. Clicking this button will open the print dialog in a new window.
If JavaScript is not activated you can access this dialog via the ‘File’ menu, item ‘Print’ (or via the key combination <CTRL> + <P>).

Other information

In creating this website we have attempted to meet the requirements of Germany’s Barrierefreie Informationstechnik-Verordnung (federal ordinance on barrier-free information technology, BITV) insofar as this was possible. Should you nonetheless encounter barriers to accessing our site, please let us know via the contact form, including a description of where you found the error.

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