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Lost Art

War-related removal and relocation of cultural assets (“trophy art”)

The issue of war-related removal and relocation of cultural assets (“trophy art”) is a highly sensitive and complex topic even today, more than 70 years after the end of World War II. In approaching the subject, it has proven useful to illustrate this complexity by means of four levels:

  • The professional or documentation level, which includes for instance the German-Russian museum dialog, the German-Russian library dialog, international exhibition projects or the work of the German Lost Art Foundation
  • The legal level, which deals with the legal aspects of war-related removal of cultural assets such as the so-called Russian “law on looted art”
  • The political level, which applies for example in restoration negotiations between the states on cultural assets removed in war-related circumstances
  • The moral level, which addresses the ethical aspects of restoration of cultural assets

Against this backdrop, the information compiled in this branch “War-related removal of cultural assets” of the provenance research module offer the user some initial orientation.

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