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Lost Art

Cultural artifacts confiscated due to Nazi persecution (“Nazi-looted art”)

Based on the Washington Principles and the declaration by the federal government, the states and leading municipal associations to find and return cultural artifacts confiscated due to Nazi persecution, particularly of Jewish ownership, German institutions are called upon to search their collections for Nazi-looted art. The results of this search are to be submitted to the German Lost Art Foundation in the form of missing item, interim or found item reports. To assist with this research, a Handreichung (guidline) and a checklist for provenance research were prepared.
The information in the Handreichung (guidline) is continuously revised and updated with further sources, and made available to users in the form of the following lists or electronically as a database:

The information published here is by no means claimed to be exhaustive, further research may be necessary; entries based on the so-called Red Flag Lists of OSS ALIU Reports do not reflect the most current insights. A listing of persons in the category “Participants”, as may be the case for example for art dealers abroad, does not preclude the fact that they may also have been persecuted in Nazi Germany or their companies “aryanized”.

We are grateful for any further information and critical suggestions.

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