Found-Object Reports

 Found-Object Reports by private parties

Private institutions and individuals in possession of cultural property whose provenance for the period from 1933 to 1945 clearly indicates a seizure or suggests such a seizure may report them as found objects. By publishing a Found-Object Report in the Lost Art Database, eligible persons or institutions can be searched for. Beforehand, a comparison of the objects in question with the Search Requests in the Lost Art Database is required.

The consent of the person reporting the find is required for the publication of a Found-Object Report. The registration of an object requires the reporter to assure the accuracy of their information and to release the German Lost Art Foundation from liability for any claims by third parties.

Found-Object Reports by institutions

Public institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany are required to check and disclose whether they have in their possession any cultural property that was, or cannot be ruled out to have been, confiscated as a result of persecution between 1933 and 1945. In this way, the institutions are implementing the Joint Declaration of December 1999 passed by the Federal Government, the Länder and the national associations of local authorities. 


Transmission of Found-Object Reports

All requests, reports and data corrections can be sent to the German Lost Art Foundation by mail or e-mail. Extensive data volumes should be reported via Excel spreadsheets or interface imports (in the case of libraries). In this way, Lost Art requests and reports can also be updated on a regular basis. The Lost Art Team is available to answer questions about formal and content requirements.

Transmission of reports on unsuccessful requests 

If the search for Nazi-confiscated cultural property in German public institutions has been unsuccessful, we ask you to send us the corresponding reports. A publication of these reports is not planned at the moment.


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