Search Requests

Search Requests from private parties

Private institutions and individuals can use the Lost Art Database to publish Search Requests on cultural property whose loss occurred either as a result of persecution by the National Socialist tyranny or as a result of the Second World War (for example, through confiscation, looting, removal or expulsion). The consent of the requesting private institution or individual is required for the publication of these Search Requests. In order to be entered in the database, the reporter must also assure the accuracy of the information provided and release the German Lost Art Foundation from liability for any claims by third parties.

If German citizens become aware of the current location of their lost cultural property due to the war, please inform us. The German Lost Art Foundation will then, in addition to updating the Lost Art Database, inform the politically responsible authorities.

Search Requests from institutions

Public cultural institutions can publish Search Requests for cultural property that was removed during the war in the Lost Art Database. This may also include cultural property that was removed from storage to protect it from the effects of war and that was later not returned to its places of origin for various reasons.

Transmission of Search Requests  

All requests, reports and data corrections can be sent to the German Lost Art Foundation by mail or e-mail. Extensive data volumes should be reported via Excel spreadsheets or interface imports (in the case of libraries). In doing so, regular updates can also take place. The Lost Art Team is available to answer questions about documentation related to a Lost Art request.


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